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Start: 10/1/20

How Do I Enter and Pay For The Challenge?

Make a check out to CrossFit LaCo with check dated 1/1/2021 or venmo: melanie-ross-19 by October 15th!

Got Questions?

Email crossfitlaco@gmail.com

What activity counts?

Any combination of walking or running that occurs outside the gym that is intentional to the challenge. Intentional to the challenge means that you are setting aside a specific time to perform activity toward this challenge. Intentional to the challenge doesn’t mean that you get to record steps that you walked throughout the day when you were going about your normal business.

Supporting the miles.

Each day you will screenshot the miles that you walked or ran and email that screenshot to crossfitlaco@gmail.com using a..

subject: your name the date #100milechallenge

Is there a certain tracking app I have to use?  No, but RunKeeper is a popular one. It’s free and easy to use. Your screenshot will need to clearly show (1) the date the miles were completed (2) the time to complete the miles (3) as well as the number of miles completed.

How can I see how I’m doing relative to other participants?

All participants will have access to a single google tracking sheet that they will use to record their progress. All participant’s names will be listed going down the page with each day between October 1 and December 31 being listed across the page. Each day that participants accomplish more mileage THEY WILL ENTER those miles for themselves. (The screenshots of the miles will be used for audit purposes and since money is involved  - to keep everyone accountable)

Cost: $100

Can I Win Anything?

Yes, you can win your $100 back if you accomplish 100 miles between October 1 and the end of 2020 (any shortfalls will not result in a prorated refund). Plus have your picture made at end of the challenge with the “100 Mile Heroes”.   Also, you will earn a chance to win 3 months of membership to LaCo. All who complete 100 miles will have their names submitted in this drawing.

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