Featured Athlete: Drew Brown

Member since: Sept 2022

In Drew's words: 

My fitness journey has been a sporadic one over the last couple of decades.  After high school,
sports ended and fitness was not a priority at all.  During my 20’s and 30’s, there were a lot of moments in which I would start over and then give up while trying to get into shape.  Now with two young boys who are starting sports, I have come to realize that getting fit must become a priority, not only to keep up with them but for my overall health.  I have been a fan of CrossFit for many years and finally decided to take the plunge after the lockdown ended.  It has been a fun and exciting adventure.  I have
benefitted from learning and doing things that I never thought possible, and from the friendships that I have made in the community.

Note from his coaches:  Drew is passionate and driven in the pursuit of his fitness.  He doesn't take shortcuts in class and realizes that consistency is key.  We love having Drew be a part of our LaCo family!