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Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a beginner, is this really for me?
We are not looking for a particular type of person or athlete. You don’t even need to be in shape to start with us. We are only looking for those who are willing to learn and put in the work to reaching their goals. Our workouts are scalable to benefit anyone on any fitness level from grandparents to triathletes. We will ensure the weights and intensity are adjusted to suit your capabilities. Our members range from 14 to 72, from collegiate athletes to those that haven’t trained in a decade.


What type of exercise program is this?
CrossFit looks at every community in the fitness industry and takes the most beneficial and functional movements and incorporates them together into a unique fitness program. Our program is a comprehensive balance of several fitness concepts aimed at “forging elite fitness.” You won’t see bicep curls, leg presses, elliptical or treadmill machines. You will see Olympic lifting, running/sprinting, basic gymnastics, kettlebells, jumping and throwing.


What exactly happens during a typical group session?
We’ll take you through a warm-up then explain the strength, skill or workout movements that you will do during that segment of the class. We will ensure that you have no questions about the exercise and determine if modifications need to be made.  During any portion of the class you will be closely monitored by a coach to ensure that you are safely performing the exercise.  Strength and skill sections of the class last 10-20 minutes long. WODs (workout of the day) vary in length but average about 10-20 minutes.   Athletes are encouraged to perform at a high level of intensity as long as they are doing movements safely. All movements can be modified for any fitness level.


Is CrossFit safe?
Safety is imperative at our facility. Injuries from improper form or rhabdomyolysis from heavy volume workouts can occur. Because of this, our coaches are on the floor 100% of the time during the workout. . gyms.  Here are three articles on rhabdomyolysis.   Killer Workouts   CrossFit Induced Rhabdo   Truth about Rhabdo


Will I gain or lose weight?
Either is possible. What is certain is that your body will lean up and "look athletic".  Five pounds equals five pounds.  The secret is that five pounds of muscle takes up less space than five pounds of fat. This is why you could lose a pants size without dropping any pounds. This is called a body composition change. Depending on your fitness goals, we will work with you on your training program and nutrition to help you lose or gain weight properly.


I play a sport, will CrossFit affect my performance?
It will definitely affect your performance, but in a positive way. What often happens when you specialize in one type of activity is you become deficient in other types. CrossFit allows you to specialize in a broader range of activity and movement. It will increase your power production and your overall work capacity allowing you to play stronger for longer. The CrossFit method has proven well with professional athletes like UFC fighters BJ Penn and Matt Hughes, NHL Star Ethan Moreau, and NFL Player Lorenzo Neal. CrossFit is also the foundation for the strength and conditioning program for the Florida Marlins.


Do you offer open gym hours for experienced athletes or veteran CrossFitters?
Currently at this time we do not offer OPEN gym hours, but we are always OPEN for suggestions!  We are never closed off to the idea, if the demand warrants it!!  Let your voice be heard!


I want to sign up!
We appreciate your enthusiasm on taking your first steps to changing your life and pursuing fitness! 

Its quite simple!  Please email Crossfit Laco here.  Within this e-mail please include full name, mobile phone number and date of birth. Also, be sure to include any medical conditions and or injuries we will need to be aware of. 

I still have questions.
The best way to answer all of your questions completely and accurately or to get a better understanding of how we can help you, email us with your question(s).  We can either correspond either by email or phone; whichever you prefer.



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